Welcome to the Webster City Wiki

Webster City Wiki is a collaborative website about organizations and services and other interesting facts related to Webster City, Iowa and the surrounding area that anyone can edit! There is no "central-clearinghouse" of this information; it is edited and maintained by all of us. So, let's make this accurate and useful. Play nice.

How to use the Webster City WikiEdit

If you are part of or know of an entity in Webster City or the immediate area, then create a page for it in the appropriate section here. If you don't see a section that you think is appropriate, then create a section. Then write a page describing your organization or company or agency or service club or church, etc. If you have a web site already, then feel free to be quite brief and link to your own web site.

Treat this site like an encyclopedia for Webster City.

As you create a page for your business, agency, organization, etc. please click the "Add category" button to categorize your page. To search these categories like an index, click

Latest activityEdit

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